A man has been stabbed in Christchurch following a heated argument over a dog.

Armed police were called to a property at Leitch St, Sydenham about 8pm after people reported a group fighting, a police spokeswoman said.

At least one person had been stabbed.

A police spokeswoman said a fight broke out between five people after two accused three others of running over a dog.


Fairfax reported the stab victim was seen walking around, visibly bleeding.

A neighbour said there was a "commotion" on the street.

"There were three guys on the road, and they'd been stabbed," a neighbour said.

"One had a gash on his shoulder about 10cm long."

The stabbing had come about after someone nearly hit the victim's dog with a car and he had confronted the driver.

Police said all five were taken to hospital for treatment. None of the injuries were serious, said the police spokeswoman.