A broom-obsessed Jack Russell has landed the title of the cutest workplace pooch.

Alfie beat 63 other canines to win New Zealand's Top Office Dog.

The excitable Jack Russell won the hearts of his colleagues at Tauranga's Western Bay of Plenty Council where he arrived last year as a stray.

His workmates raised money to fix his broken leg and Alfie was eventually adopted by the Council's animal trainer Betty Hall.


Alfie is now a part of the Council team where he leads a busy work life as an official "spokesdog".

Some of his responsibilities include leading mass dog walks and he was the face of the recent dog control policy review.

Hall, dubbed a "dog whisperer" by her colleagues, said while waiting for Alfie to be adopted she began training him.

On the day of a Council Doggy Day Out event, Hall announced to everyone Alfie was no longer available for adoption as she would be adopting him.

The training paid off, as Alfie is described as an "ace barker" on command, a swift fetcher of balls, and plays a convincing "dead" when ordered.

He now lives on Hall's farm by night and accompanies her to work at the Council by day.
organiser of the annual competition and founder of Frog Recruitment Jane Kennelly said dogs in the workplace were good for wellbeing and motivation.

"Within the broader context of the talent economy we have researched a range of factors that influence productivity and performance at work.

"Having dogs in the work environment can buffer the impact of stress during the workday for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those with whom they come into contact.

"There is definitely an increasing 'cool factor' of having a dog in the office," she said.

Alfie has won a studio photo session, Animates vouchers, dog flea treatments, Karen Walker dog accessory, Mr Soft Top voucher and Doggles - sunglasses for dogs.