A family has been left devastated after their new house, that had only been on their property a week, burnt to the ground.

Broadlands couple Maria and Andres Montero were called on Friday night with news their Te Toke Rd house, that they were planning to move into next month, was on fire.

Taupo firefighters were called to the blaze just after 11pm on Friday and spent more than two hours at the site.

The house was empty at the time of the fire.


The couple is dumbfounded by the incident, not knowing how the fire started as there was no wiring or electricity in the house.

"We are completely shocked," Mr Montero said. "The house had only been there a week and now it's completely gone. It was the last thing we were expecting."

Mr and Mrs Montero had been developing a block of land on Te Toke Rd and had bought a house back in December.

It was transported to their land this month.

"We are just so disappointed. The house we got was really good. We were so happy with it and were ready to move in and then this happens.

"It hasn't put us off moving and developing the block of land but it has put doubts in our mind, if it happened once, it could happen again," Mr Montero said.

"We're devastated. I think this incident will be on our minds for a long time and we just hope we can find out exactly how it happened."

Taupo fire officer in charge Henry Reihana confirmed fire crews attended the blaze. He did not know whether the incident was being treated as suspicious but said a fire investigation was under way.