The bobbies have become the latest police force to take up the Running Man dance challenge sparked by Kiwi cops.

The London Metropolitan Police video stars an officer in a riot helmet whose smooth moves lead to him being arrested by possibly envious colleagues.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Fire Service has accepted the challenge laid down by their Kiwi counterparts.

The epic video features an axe-wielding dancer and a Flashdance-inspired finale.

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Across the ditch, Tasmanian police have released their own attempt at the Running Man challenge, while Victoria police have hinted theirs is to follow.

New Zealand police first released a video of their self-described "twinkle-toed staff" on Tuesday, and challenged police counterparts around the world to take part.

They said the video had reached an astonishing 24 million people by Friday, and had been viewed 7.9 million times.