A pod of whales has been spotted in Tauranga Harbour.

Lisa Sutton filmed the whales while going for a walk around Mauao yesterday.

She said she was ''very excited" to see them as it was her first sighting of the whales.

''We had seen them feeding from Fergusson Park over at Matakana. It was a pod of three - two adults and one juvenile."

Ms Sutton said her daughter through one of the whales was Pickles because she noticed the not-quite-complete fin, which is associated with a young orca who frequently visits Tauranga Harbour.


Bay of Plenty Times reader Dianne Hancock said there were about five whales which had been swimming in the harbour off Ferguson Park, on the Matakana side.

She said large fins and plumes of water could be seen as whales surfaced and cleared their blow holes.