New Zealand film director Taika Waititi has accused a TradeMe seller of the original Barry Crump Toyota Hilux of "cashing in" on his latest film.

The yellow 1984 Toyota Hilux became famous during a 1984 Crump television commercial.

Crump wrote Wild Pork and Watercress - the novel Waititi's latest film Hunt for the Wilderpeople is based on.

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Iconic Toyota ute goes up for sale

The TradeMe seller describes the $25,000 ute as a "serious opportunity" for a collector, and identifies it as the ute from the advertising campaign which stars Crump and Scottie.


Waititi was less than impressed with the listing, however, taking to Twitter to express his anger.

"Please don't pay these blaggards 25k for a car full of rust. Nice timing, btw, cashing in on our film's release," Waititi tweeted.

The listing says the ute is in "original untouched condition showing its age and patina with significant rust around".

"This is a fantastic opportunity given its provenance and connection to a fantastic advertising campaign and an iconic Kiwi especially with a feature length film due out soon. Don't miss the opportunity to secure this investment."

Hunt for the Wilderpeople debuts in New Zealand this week.