A man has been arrested after tyres were stolen from a Red Cross vehicle in Palmerston North over the weekend.

The 26-year-old man from Palmerston North was charged with theft in relation to the incident, which happened on Friday night, Detective Steve Field of the Tactical Crime Unit said.

He was also charged with a number of other similar offences carried out across the city throughout January, Mr Field said.

"The investigation into this offending is continuing as it is believed the man acted with at least two other associates."


A number of the stolen tyres were offered for sale and sold on the Facebook page Hustle Live Manawatu.

"Anyone buying goods through online platforms such as Facebook must take reasonable precautions to ensure they are not buying stolen property," Mr Field said.

"Police will continue to target people involved in property crime, whether they be the thieves or receivers of that property."

The man has been bailed and is due to appear in Palmerston North District Court later this month.