Feel like your love-life is going to the dogs?

A doggy speed-dating service might change that just before Valentine's Day.

Dozens of shelter dogs will be looking for love and a new family at Victoria Park on February 12.

Auckland Council community development and safety committee chairwoman Cathy Casey said the dogs had no commitment issues.


"Some will be looking for lasting relationships, but some are just happy for a casual fling on the day. Dogs are like that, they give their affection freely.

"Our shelters rescue dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages, so Aucklanders can come down and check them out before making any kind of commitment."

Dogs will be available for walks, pats and chin scratches, and there will be a "love booth" where people can have photos taken of themselves with some of the dogs.

The dogs have also posted profiles of themselves, their interests and preferences for a human life partner.

Loki, an outdoor pursuits specialist, is looking for an equally active companion.

"My ideal date would love the outdoors, is seeking adventure and would match my fitness and enthusiasm for life."

The Doggy Speed Dating is being held at Victoria Park in Auckland's Viaduct on February 12 from 11am to 2pm.