A group of transgender flatmates living in Wellington has defended their Trade Me listing for wanting "no heterosexuals" in their advertisement.

Their original listing stated, "We don't want to live with a couple, a heterosexual person, or someone who is loud at night, or drinks/does drugs/party[s] a lot."

The existing flatmates described themselves as "queer, transgender, vegetarian household".

They said they are "feminist/politically switched on adults" and went on to say they also did not want to live with anyone who is "racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic [sic], hates sex workers, hates migrants or is otherwise a jerk".


"We want to live with someone who is relaxed, motivated, grown up, reliable, considerate, child friendly, LGBTQIA+ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or asexual], pays the board on time with no stress, [is] vegetarian or vegan."

They have now updated their listing defending their preference.

The updated advertisement now stated, "We live in a society in which transgender people face high levels of housing discrimination".

"An extremely high number of transgender people are homeless, in unstable or unsuitable housing, and regularly face housing discrimination. We are routinely turned away from flats for being trans."

The listing continued and said being heterosexual did not prevent anyone from finding a place to live.

"Heterosexual cisgender people do not need anti-discrimination legislation to protect their rights, because their rights are already respected.

"You are not being discriminated against by us, we just don't want to live with you. Sorry your feelings are hurt, but we don't really care, we're busy surviving in a society which is hostile to our existence."

The original listing sparked a debate on whether it was discriminatory or not, with Reddit even sharing the advertisement.

A spokeswoman for the Human Rights Commission said it was legal under the Human Rights Act to turn potential flatmates away on the basis of sexual orientation.