About time the advertisers of "that pillow" got it updated. She's been "Five months pregnant" for over 18 months, now. What do they think she's expecting, an elephant ?


Thank you to the lovely lady who came to the rescue of my son and his friend on Morningside Rd as they were walking to the train from St Lukes mall on Friday. They were threatened and harassed by some young thugs-in-training and she intervened. Thank you so much for getting involved rather than walking by.



I think it's disgusting the way people put their children or shopping trundlers into shopping trollies that we have to put our food in. People spit on the ground, there is dog poo etc which is transferred into our food trollies by the wheels of the trundlers or the kids' feet. How disgusting. Why don't retailers ban this practice before someone gets hepatitis or other diseases. Our food has to go in there. Would you place your grocery items on the filthy pavement before loading them into your car? Well, you may as well be.


On Friday, January 15, I needed to park by the Auckland Domain for a hospital appointment. I only had a $20 note and the meters only take coin or credit card. As two ladies walked by I asked if they could change my note so I could plug the meter.

They could not offer me change but rather they both managed to find $3 in coins and gave it to me. Ladies thanks again for your generosity. You made my day.


May I gently remind Grumpy Old Bag, who no longer attends cafes because of badly behaved children, that they are mostly not badly behaved, they are just, well, being children. A child touching a few sugar sachets that would be thrown out is causing less harm than someone using a pin keypad, touching salt and pepper and other items that actually don't get thrown out at restaurants once touched. Kindness and understanding makes the world a more pleasant place for us all, not ignorant abuse.

Bullied Mum

An enormous rave for the captain of the Celebrity Solstice who ejected a couple of passengers when one was caught on CCTV stealing a handbag. They were ordered to find their own way home. Oh that we were able to solve crimes on land so easily!

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