A ban on all motor vehicles from the summit of Mt Eden, one of Auckland's most popular tourist spots, will come into force next week.

The ban, which takes effect on Wednesday, January 20, applies to all motor vehicles, including motorbikes and scooters.

It implements the Maunga Authority's April 2015 decision to extend a ban on heavy vehicles, including coaches, which was put in place in 2011.

The authority, which oversees Auckland's volcanic cones, said the consideration of pedestrian safety, congestion and damage to the maunga had led to a "unanimous" decision.


Tupuna Maunga Authority chairman, Paul Majurey, said the outcome respected the spiritual and cultural significance of the summit to Mana Whenua.

"For Mana Whenua, the tihi of Maungawhau has always been a place to be treated with respect and reverence. The taonga is loved by all visitors as a place for quiet reflection and connection," he said.

"Motor vehicle restriction on the tihi of Maungawhau was signalled many years ago as a key measure to protect this taonga, and to reflect the Mana Whenua and community aspirations of their living connections with this taonga. It is very pleasing to have reached this point."

People who have limited mobility and are unable to walk to the tihi, or the driver for someone with limited mobility are exempt from the ban.

They can obtain a keypad access code by contacting the Auckland Council to lower the bollards at the entrance to the summit road and drive to the tihi in their own vehicle.