Watered down sunscreen

Media reports on the world's first drinkable sunscreen product are spreading misinformation, says the British Association of Dermatologists. The makers of Harmonised H20 UV claim a teaspoon will give three hours SPF 30 protection, despite the product not having been through SPF testing or having any FDA approval. The dermatologists say: "The formulation is 100 per cent water and, as far as our experts are concerned, it is complete nonsense to suggest that drinking water will give you a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30."

Bottle store sign.
Where everyone gets a what?

Pam Sims, of Howick, writes: "This evening while I was feeding the dogs and listening half-heartedly to the news, the ads came on and from one of our well-known chain stores (where everyone gets a bargain) I heard the following: 'A wide selection of homosexuals.' Wha-a-a-t? After some thought I realised it was 'a wide selection of home essentials' ..."

When a party isn't a party


A reader writes: "One Friday night my friends and I were having a couple of drinks at home while the neighbours were singing, laughing and sounding like they were having an all-round great time! Having never really spoken to them before we thought it was a great opportunity to pop over to meet them and join the party. So with a couple of beers, some cider and a glass of wine in hand (we even put Frank the dog on his lead) we went around to introduce ourselves only to find out that it was a Tuvaluan funeral. AWKWARD!"

Bovine blade runner
Innovation: Sliderunner turns your indoor staircase into a rainy day slide for kids...

Picture this: Rap Shirts For White People creates the two-tone T-shirts for middle-class suburban gangsta with zingers like "My self-respect brings all the boys to the yard" and "Fund Tha Police" ...

Newsy: Er, there's a pylon in the middle of the road...

Picture this: Doing marriage right...
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