The rahui placed around the location where diver Bruce Porter died on Friday night has been lifted. However, dive operators are still steering clear out of respect to his family.

Mr Porter was diving with Western Underwater Dive Club from Auckland on the Pacific Hideaway boat when he was struck by the propeller. He died of his injuries after being pulled back into the boat at around 7pm on Friday.

A rahui was put in place on Saturday for the Landing Bay Pinnacle, where the incident occurred, and was lifted on Monday.

Dive! Tutukaka manager Kate Malcolm said divers would not be visiting the Landing Bay Pinnacle out of respect for his family for some time.


"It's not a site we would be visiting," she said.

This is only the second time a rahui has been placed on The Poor Knights Islands. In March, 2000, diver Astrid Malcolm died from an air embolism while diving at the Northern Archway at Tawhiti Rahi Island.

Ngatiwai put in place a rahui for the entire island for three days.

Usually a rahui is in place to stop people taking seafood from the site. However, because the Poor Knights Islands is a marine reserve it is to show respect after the death of a person.

Maritime New Zealand were supporting the police who were investigating the death.

A spokesman from Maritime New Zealand said it could be weeks before the investigation was complete.