The mother of a young Hamilton boy whose drunken antics at a skate park went viral on YouTube has explained how two more of her children were snapped in a photograph holding bottles of beer.

A picture showing a man posing with four children - including two brothers of the boy in the video - holding bottles of beer was forwarded to the Weekend Herald.

Among the group is a smiling toddler in a nappy who is also holding a bottle of beer.

The picture emerged after a video clip of a 9-year-old drunk and stumbling around a skate park was posted on YouTube this week.


The boy's mother, who the Weekend Herald will not name, said the picture that surfaced of the children posing with alcohol included two of her sons.

She said the picture, taken three years ago and removed from her friend's Facebook page on Thursday, was taken at a friend's house and without her knowledge.

"I asked, 'what are they doing?'. They told me all the kids were helping tidy up the yard, they did some chores over there and got paid with money of course," she said. "It [the posing] was pretty strange, it was wrong."

With the video of her son having gone viral on YouTube and the subsequent outrage, the woman agreed the picture wasn't a good look.

But she is adamant her children do not drink alcohol, nor are they exposed to it in their home environment. "No, absolutely not ... that's not the life I want for my kids. You can imagine there will be heaps of people with those types of photos around but it's because this has all gone way out."

The woman said her son shown in the video was fine but still grounded.

Police say they have spoken to several persons of interest as they investigate who supplied the young boy with the eight cans of 7 per cent alcohol RTD bourbon and cola and two shots, but are yet to make an arrest.P