Two Mosgiel men are celebrating their $666,667 share of Lotto first division.

The friends, who asked to remain anonymous, had one of three winning first division tickets for the $2 million prize on Saturday, November 30.

They bought the ticket from the Monte Carlo Milk Bar in Gordon Rd.

The other first division tickets were bought in Nelson and Auckland.


The Mosgiel mates had been buying weekly Lotto tickets together for 18 years but had never won a significant amount of money.

One of them said he was at work ''on smoko'' when a colleague mentioned a winning ticket had been sold in Mosgiel.

''I thought 'That's some lucky bugger','' the winner said.

''Then I picked up a copy of the paper and checked our ticket, and they were our numbers. I just started shaking, but I didn't have a heart attack,'' he said.

The friends said they were still trying to comprehend the cash prize.

''We don't usually have much luck with our tickets, so to win so much is dumbfounding,'' they said.

One of the winners said it was a good feeling to see the money in his bank account.

''I've been so nervous the past week thinking about all the possibilities that the money will bring. It's a lot to take in,'' he said.