An Ashburton university student suffered bruising after a heroic tussle with an intruder in her Wellington flat.

Victoria University photography student Erin Walker, of Ashburton, told the Ashburton Guardian about her surprise to see a man in her flatmate's bedroom filling a bag with laptops, shoes and a Playstation 3 on Friday.

Ms Walker said the man came to the door about 11am when she arrived home from university and asked for someone who did not live at the flat. She directed him to the flat around the back.

However, she soon heard noises in an upstairs bedroom where she found the man, and tussled with him to reclaim the goods while he tried to escape out a window.


Ms Walker said she then chased him out of the house and called for bystanders to stop the burglar, who was eventually chased down and later arrested.

The man has been charged with burglary and is due to appear in court this week.