A train driver who failed to stop at a red signal has caused delays on the western line of Auckland's rail service today.

The line, which runs from Britomart to Waitakere, was closed and the train driver stood down so that the red signal incident could be investigated, a spokeswoman for Veolia Transport said.

She said it was protocol for drivers to be stood down so such incidents could be investigated and there had been no injuries or collisions as a result of the train's failure to stop at 11.30am.

Buses and taxis were sent to help stranded passengers at stations but some commuters said they waited for long periods and did not receive any back-up transport.


The Veolia Transport spokeswoman said taxis and buses were sent as quickly as possible but sometimes there was a delay in them reaching individual stations.

She said there had been no issues reported with the delayed train service and the line had been back online and running on time since 1.40pm.

She said incidents where a train passed a red signal were investigated promptly to determine whether the driver was at fault, the signal changed too quickly or if there was a mechanical fault with the train.