Mount Maunganui-based hunting gear manufacturer Stoney Creek has launched a new safety colour for its high-visibility clothing range.

Called Blaze Blue, the blue option comes as a result of the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council's (NZMSC) Colour Recognition Project.

The project was carried out as part of the police's research into the deaths of hunters. Police paid for it.

The aim was to ascertain what colours were most visible in a range of hunting environments in New Zealand.


While no one colour was satisfactory as a protective factor for all conditions, the project found that "United Nations" blue was the most visible colour in the greatest variety of conditions, and was clearly not the colour of game.

Stoney Creek still believed its Blaze Orange products were the safest colour in the bush. However, over time the colour can fade and change in different light conditions, decreasing its safety value.

The New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association Incorporated recommends and promotes safe hunting practices, including the wearing of hi-vis clothing that contrasts with the environment and the game being hunted.