Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman loves anything and everything with wheels.

The 9-year-old, who survived meningococcal disease as a baby, is known as a "petrol-head" and is geared up to see her favourite stars at the Nitro Circus show at North Harbour Stadium tomorrow night.

A special visit from one of its American stars, Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, at Waiheke Island yesterday had Charlotte even more excited.

Her father, Perry Bisman, said seeing someone doing seemingly impossible things in a wheelchair had inspired his little girl.


"She loves her skateboard and so seeing Wheelz on the wheelchair I think has inspired her. I'm a bit scared now she might like to do something similar in the future."

Mr Bisman said Charlotte had been recovering at home after undergoing surgery a week ago. "It's been a hard road.

"She's had two major operations - we figured out that the last one was her 22nd operation - and she's been quite sore."

Going to the Nitro Circus show - where BMX riders perform tricks and jumps in front of a large crowd - was something of a reward for her.

"She's a total petrol-head."

Charlotte became a fan of the Nitro Circus after being introduced to it by her best friend, 9-year-old Rhythm Lewis.

Rhythm's mother, Lani Lewis, said the pair had been good friends practically their whole lives and were both pupils at Waiheke School.

Rhythm had organised tickets for he and Charlotte to attend tomorrow's show, but were disappointed when they realised they would not be given wheelchair access, meaning Charlotte could not go.

Ms Lewis said: "It was Rhythm's idea that we email the organisers and ask for a favour. He felt really sad he wouldn't be able to go with Charlotte so wanted to try and get her to the show."

The show moves on to Hamilton and Wellington next week.