The mother of a woman who was attacked by two dogs is relieved they have been removed from the owners.

Judy Strahl's daughter Kyla, 27, had two operations and spent five days in hospital after dogs attacked her while she was trying to pull them off her family's labrador, Rudy.

She was walking with her partner in South New Brighton Park in Christchurch.

Ms Strahl, who lives next door to the dogs, said last week she felt vulnerable because the dogs had remained at the property, barking and jumping against the very fence they had escaped from.


However, yesterday morning, seven days after the initial attack, the dogs were taken away by the city council animal control unit.

A city council spokeswoman said the dogs are being held in custody pending a decision and further enforcement action.

"I feel very relieved that it has been dealt with now. The authorities said they had to speak with Kyla before they could do anything, and they did so on Monday,'' said Ms Strahl.

Mark Vincent, city council team leader, animal control, said the two attacking dogs were bull terriers.

Kyla Strahl suffered suffered bite marks that went to the bone of her left forearm. She is now resting at her mother's home and will need to have physiotherapy. She also had severe bite marks on her wrist and hand and her leg. Rudy suffered bites to the cheek, ear and stomach.

Ms Strahl said the owners of the dogs had not been in touch with her.