A former bar owner has been sentenced to home detention for a second time after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of a Blenheim patron he evicted from his bar.

Matthew Heagney, 24, was removed from Shapeshifters Bar in August, 2009 by Kevin King and two other staff members.

Mr Heagney suffered severe head injuries as a result of hitting the pavement and later died in hospital.

At the High Court in Wellington today, King, 53, was sentenced on one charge of manslaughter to which he had earlier pleaded guilty.


The judge ordered him to serve 10 months and 22 days home detention.

In February, King was sentenced to 12 months home detention but appealed the sentence and was granted a retrial.

Last month at the retrial he changed his plea to guilty on a manslaughter charge.

He was represented by lawyer Greg King, who has since died.