Anxiety is settling in for expat Americans who've already cast their votes in the United States election - and it won't be gone until the presidential winner is known, they say.

Beth Coleman and Erin Ajygin are members of the American Club which plans a party to either celebrate or commiserate - depending on their political persuasion - with compatriots in Ponsonby tomorrow night.

Both have voted for Barack Obama.

Ms Coleman has lived here for more than 20 years but emailed her ballot to a Florida county as part of the early vote. She believes the incumbent has done a fine job, is an ethical man, a thinker and someone who she believes has the welfare of many at heart.


The thriller of a race was difficult on the nerves, the business consultant said. "It's like the final of the World Cup last year, that tense feeling, it's that kind of energy. People are extremely passionate about who they vote for. I'm not going to be able to relax until it's over."

Ms Ajygin, 37, moved here 2 years ago. The former United Nations worker was living in Kenya when she first heard Mr Obama, whose father is from the African nation, speak. She's been a convert ever since.

Originally hailing from North Carolina, she is worried that if there is a Republican president women's rights, including those around abortion, would be wound back destructively.

"Before George W. Bush, I thought, 'how much damage could a one-term president do?" Mitt Romney would be immeasurably worse than Mr Bush as president, she joked.

Join American Club members to watch the elections: Revelry Bar, 106 Ponsonby Rd, tomorrow from 5pm.