It may not have snow or reindeer prancing down Victoria St, but Mayor Julie Hardaker thinks Hamilton has enough seasonal events for it to become the Christmas City of New Zealand.

Miss Hardaker is launching the Hamilton Christmas City brand next month in a bid to co-ordinate the December events and draw in more out-of-towners for the pretty fairy light displays at Templeview and Harrowfield, Hamilton Christmas Parade, the unmissable giant Christmas tree in Garden Place, carol singing, Farmers Market Twilight Market and more than 50 Christmas trees at the Meteor Theatre.

"It's bringing together all of the Christmas things we do well."

The mayor said Hamilton's bid to be the Christmas City had absolutely nothing to do with the previous council's failed attempts to become the events' city by attracting or inventing new events.


"A number of these events attract out-of-towners and this is an opportunity to attract even more."

Where do we go for Christmas?

Fiji - sun, sand.

New York - Rockefeller Centre's world famous Christmas tree.

Amsterdam - Home of Santa Claus.

Lapland, Finland - St Nick-themed parks, reindeer, snowy backdrops.

Germany - Christmas markets in places such as Hamburg and Cologne.

London - Ice skating at Somerset House.

Hamilton - Lights at Harrowfield and Templeview, Christmas tree, Christmas parade, Trees at the Meteor.