Businesses are fed up with car enthusiasts congregating outside shops, intimidating customers and staff.

Earlier this month the Herald on Sunday revealed police issued about 100 trespass notices to drivers and passengers, banning them from petrol stations and neighbouring shops in Manukau, Dairy Flat, Parnell, East Tamaki and Avondale.

The six-hour sting took place at Auckland's busy Quay St shops where dozens of cars regularly meet on Friday nights.

A business owner, who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation, said the car enthusiasts had been "wreaking havoc".


"There is no doubt I'm losing business because of these guys," he said.

He accused them of filling his store with exhaust fumes and drinking alcohol, despite the area having a 24-hour liquor ban.

"They loiter in the entrances to our shops, turn their car stereos up, and leave their cars running."

A KFC manager in the area, Yulie Laties, said some louts had recently vomited in a wash basin. Another time, they smeared potato and gravy on the walls.

Hell Pizza manager Bailey said he wasn't aware of damage but the young people were "annoying".

Body Corporate Administration Limited, which manages the residential properties above the shops, said it had received several complaints.

One car enthusiast who received a trespass notice said: "You'll get muppets acting up wherever you go. It is just unfortunate they spoil it for people who are well behaved."