Michael Laws' former girlfriend Jacqui Sperling is claiming temporary victory after a court injunction to have her website pulled down was denied on a legal technicality.

The blogger has been accused of harassment by another woman linked to Laws, Debbie Brown. Brown and friend Madeleine Flannagan filed District Court papers, but a judge threw out their application for an interim injunction pulling down some of Sperling's blog posts.

The judge said she would reconsider the application if the paperwork was amended. Flannagan said that would happen.

Sperling posted yesterday: "This is obviously a small victory for me - and a small down trow for Debbie Brown, Madeleine Flannagan."


She again pledged to stop blogging: "The blog is finished because I can't let the nasty people that my blog has attracted, or the attention that I and it have received from the media, hurt my loved ones."

She denied the harassment allegations.

May 31 has been set as the date for the full hearing on the claims.