Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include dog owners who shout "grab your children" as their canine tears towards them, Jake the Muss is alive and well in Tokoroa, and boy racers who can't afford the petrol to get out there and terrorise people any more.

Over on Kakamatua Beach, it seems it is not uncommon for a dog owner to shout 'grab your children!' as their canine bounds towards them at full pace. Meanwhile what would you do if confronted by these guard dogs.

Soak days and toga parties are a thing of the past for Orientation Week it seems with one students association not even able to afford a sausage sizzle.

Following the World Cup Final last year former All Black Stephen Bachop assaulted two people and then resisted arrest while carrying marijuana in his pocket.


A showdown is looming in Northland as senior students threaten to defy a Government-appointed commissioners order to stop coming to school.

Honesty is alive and well in Whangarei with bucket loads of sunglasses, keys, wallets and cellphones to prove it.

Meanwhile in the Kaitaia Courthouse mens toilet it was not immediately clear what message the person who left faeces carefully covered with toiletpaper was trying to convey.

Jake the Muss is alive and well in Tokoroa and it seems 66 places to get liquored in the small community ain't enough.

Waikato SPCA says Hamilton's out-of-control cat problem could force it to shut.

If you are wondering why Rotorua Daily Post Photographer Andrew Warner is up for a gong at the Canon Media Awards tonight, take a visit to God's Road.

This is what it looks like when someone comes into your shop to rob you with a 10-inch dagger.

Boy racers in the Western Bay of Plenty apparently can't afford the gas anymore to terrorise communities and wreck the roads.

Have you seen this man?

Two Hawke's Bay prisoners plans to throw hot water into an officer's face and knock him unconscious with a steel teapot in order to take hostages and negotiate a better life in the slammer have not worked out.

The face of the tourism industry in Napier for more than three decades just had the final nail banged in its coffin.

Meanwhile on the banks of the Tukituki River, Steven gave Molly to a man called Larry who said he had a friend who had a car and they would be able to take her home but he never did.

Prime Minister John Key says exports can lift the depressed East Coast economy but stopped short of indicating whether the taxpayer will foot the $4.5 million bill to fix the Gisborne to Napier railway link which many exporters rely on.

The Rotary Club of Masterton South raised $40,000 to install four pieces of exercise equipment for senior citzens in a public place but a scrap with the council has torpedoed the plans.

Iconic Kiwi entertainer Lynda Topp has become the new face of the Ashburton District.

Greymouth's newest attraction is a games arcade which is poised to open.

Meanwhile in Oamaru, Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has been practicing chasing crims on a penny-farthing but he doesn't think it has a future in the force.

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