Charges have been laid against the skipper and factory manager of a Korean charter vessel allegedly involved in illegal fish dumping.

The Ministry for Primary Industries today confirmed it had laid eight charges against the skipper and three charges against the factory manager of The Oyang 77.

The charges laid at Christchurch District Court related to alleged the illegal dumping of dead fish and misreporting, it said.

They were served to the accused late yesterday.


Both men were due to appear in court on July 5.

The Oyang 77 is owned by the same company as the Oyang 70, which sank with the loss of six lives in August 2010.

Crew members on board its replacement vessel The Oyang 75 alleged were allegedly subjected to physical and sexual abuse and given inadequate pay.

Government launched an investigation into foreign-charter fishing companies operating in New Zealand waters after the allegations were levelled.