Fast-food fans will need to make their voices heard if they want a pizza-burger hybrid here.

Burger King has created the Pizza Burger - six beef patties loaded with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni on a sesame bun with Sicilian sauce and sliced like pizza. The bun's diameter is 25cm.

The burger, billed as "made for sharing", contains 2500 calories plus - more than the daily recommended maximum for one person - 144g of fat and 3780mg of salt (the chain's Whopper burger has 670 calories, 40g of fat and 980mg of salt), and has been stretching American waistlines since 2010.

Burger King marketing manager Rachel Allison said there was no plan to offer it here, but if there was immense interest from the public that could change. "If there was a big market opportunity we would certainly pay attention," Allison said.


Thousands have already posted pleas on Burger King NZ's Facebook page.

"Dear Burger King, when will we Kiwi's get this? I want it, and I mean now," Cyris Chris Cloete wrote.

Jackson Donovan added: "We need this guys!"

"Wow bring it tht looks soo farkin bad for you i love it cant wait to soak up tht grease," Jamie Cook wrote.