Thieves are targeting Christchurch homes being demolished in the badly quake-hit suburb of Bexley.

Demolitions of red-zoned homes bought by the Government started in the suburb this week with 11 properties in Seabreeze Close, Waireka Lane and Kokopu Lane.

But property from some homes in the area has been stolen, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) chief executive Roger Sutton said.

A complaint has been lodged with police who were investigating.


Cera staff were meeting police and contractors to ensure the properties were properly secured, Mr Sutton said.

The Bexley properties will be cleared over a four-week period by contractor Faulks Investment Limited.

Cera has so far settled the purchase of 2083 residential red zone properties, with about 200 due to be settled within the next four weeks.

Of those, 695 homeowners have chosen to let the Government take over their property damage insurance claims, while 2066 homeowners have chosen to continue to deal with the Earthquake Commission and their insurers themselves.

More than 6500 homes have been zoned red since last June.