Former model Nicky Watson has come under fire from her new boyfriend's ex partner.

The attack came from celebrity chef Pete Evans' ex, Astrid Ellinger. The Sunday Telegraph reported that Ms Ellinger was shocked Evans was with Watson.

"He's got more famous and it inevitably changes anyone," she said. "All I'm going to say is Pete has had down-to-earth girlfriends so I'm not sure what's happened now. I'm a down-to-earth and natural person. I don't know what she is like."

Evans, 38, is the host of My Kitchen Rules and owner of Hugo's restaurant in Sydney.


Ms Ellinger would not say why they split after a decade together, though it has been reported that it was "amicable".

Watson has previously admitted attempting suicide, using hard drugs, having threesomes, watching pornography from a "young age" and forgetting to wear underwear at horse races.

However, more recently she said that she did not want to be famous, and was working at a Pukekohe beauty parlour.

Ms Ellinger said: "I have Googled [Watson] and I am shocked, she is not the type of girl Pete would usually go for. I am shocked. I do not know what has happened."

"I don't care. I am just getting on with my life and they can go to it."

Watson was married to millionaire Eric Watson and has been linked to Matthew Ridge and Ali Williams.

Evans and Watson would not comment.