The popular choice for sexiest All Black is ... none of them.

A Herald DigiPoll survey asked people to name their top rugby hunk, but the most common response was a non-answer.

Still, if the respondents were stuck on a deserted island, as they were asked in a separate question, their preferred companion was captain Richie McCaw.

Of four choices given for the deserted island question, which was not rugby-specific, McCaw beat Pippa Wetzell, John Key and Paul Henry among the overall vote.


Men, however, chose former television host Wetzell over the remaining three male candidates - though not by a wide margin.

Wetzell got fewer than a third of the votes at 31.8 per cent, followed by McCaw at 23.6 per cent.

But her share of votes plunged among women, who said they would rather be stranded with the Prime Minister than Wetzell.

They overwhelmingly rejected their same-sex choice and chose men for their deserted island mate by a 10-to-one ratio.

In fact, fewer women wanted to be with Wetzell, at 7.7 per cent, than the men who desired Henry or Key as their sole companion on the hypothetical island.

None of the choices were popular for respondents who were 70 years or older.

In another question, the poll asked - without prompting respondents with multiple choices - which All Black was sexiest.

The most popular response was "can't decide", which was the standout among men at 44 per cent and also common among women. Overall, underwear model Dan Carter came second, followed by captain McCaw.

Sonny Bill Williams and Richard Kahui also registered votes greater than the margin of error.

Among women, McCaw got 15.5 per cent of the "sexiest" tag - less than a third the number of women who would nonetheless hope to be stuck on a deserted island with him.