Election 2011: Latest Updates Nov 14

Missed something from the campaign trail? nzherald.co.nz has the latest election updates as we count down to November 26.

Election 2011. Photo / Chris Skelton
Election 2011. Photo / Chris Skelton

Ok, it's 4:00pm, so that is all for the moment. Coverage may continue later tonight but for now, good night and we'll continue bring you updates tomorrow.

3:54pm: The NZ Herald reported that John Key is going to lay a complaint with the police over the "tea tape" recorded at his meeting with John Banks. Mr Key said he was meeting police at 4pm to lay the complaint under the Crimes Act, concerning the deliberate recording of a third party conversation. For the full story, see here.

3:50pm: In the latest edition of the Listener, the main feature is an interview with John Key.

Inside it, "The editorial defends National's plans for partial asset sales. "To sell just 3% of the Crown assets, which is the proposal, should be acceptable as long as the money is used to fund other assets."

For more details check out Toby Manhire's live blog on Listener.co.nz.

3:45pm: Check out the latest Herald cartoon of the meeting of the teacups on Friday. Good stuff.

Ok, so now it's 3:42pm. the top stories of the last few hours are;

- National released 120 point plan to build a better economy.
- The latest iPredict poll shows Winston Peters with at leat a 30% chance of getting his needed 5%
- Labour Leader Phil Goff has told the Australian investment bankers National hired to sell assets that their contract will be cancelled when he becomes Prime Minister.

3:30pm: National has also released a 120 point economic development action plan to get NZ back into surplus and reduce debt. To check it out go here.

3:25pm: National has announced policies to "build a more competitive economy". This includes investing $60 million over the next four years for science, sustainable energy production and new cost-effective technologies. To check out the full policy, go here.

3:22pm: To check out the referendum and what First Past the Post means, go here.

3:16pm: NZ Herald reporter Joanne Carroll writes about the "election cyber wars" to draw attention to the latest social media-isms politicians are exploiting to make their point.

Some of the responses include: "Labour's official Twitter account launched a guessing competition: "Tonight, how many times has John Key said 'actually'? Tweet us your answers."
And TV3's Patrick Gower agreed: "John Key is saying actually a lot. Actually, he is saying actually quite a lot."

For her full article go here.

3:11pm: Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance tweets @avancenz
"National releasing 120 point development plan for economy - a quarter is new policy." #votenz

3:05pm: According to the latest iPredict report Winston Peters has improved his chances of getting elected, with a 30% probability rating. The Mana party is also expected to get in with at least three MP's, including Sue Bradford.

3:01pm: NZ Herald political reporter Derek Cheng tweets
"Act's iPredict chances of winning Epsom jump from 52 to 79 per cent, following cuppa" #votenz

2:51pm: Blogging site The Standard has condemned National finance minister Bill English as the "worst finance minister ever". And not just because of the economy, because of:

1. His policies: "English has opposed abortion, voluntary euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, civil unions, and the decriminalisation of prostitution."

2. His favourite pastimes: "Inventing dodgy statistics, attacking public servants, flogging off our assets."

2:45pm: Radio NZ news reports the Greens have been criticised for suggesting councils are not prosecuting farmers often enough for polluting waterways.

2:34pm: Herald columnist David Farrar wrote an article in October saying "Introducing the principle of means testing, is another very welcome step. I think it is wrong that we pay millionaires such as Sir Bob Jones, NZ Superannuation."

Sir Bob Jones has replied in an email: "Dear David,
Before using a photo of me to make your point you could have enquired whether I actually receive the Government super, which I have been eligible for over the past seven years.
The answer is I don't. It is essentially a form of welfare which I absolutely don't need."

David Farrar - you've been told.

To check out the full email on Kiwiblog see here.

2:32pm: Tweet from the Labour party. @nzlabour
Labour hard at work last weekend in Rongotai. 2000 doors knocked on and a great response for @annetterongotai" #nzvotes. With pic.

2:29pm: Leader of the Act party, Dr Don Brash, has said his party will strive to make housing more affordable in New Zealand and easier to get. He said "ACT will support the Productivity Commission to continue its work, and provide a framework to go forward in making housing affordability a reality for another generation of New Zealanders." For the full press release see here.

2:21pm: According to a Labour press release, Labour Leader Phil Goff has told the Australian investment bankers National has hired to sell assets that their contract will be cancelled immediately when he becomes Prime Minister.

2:12pm: Newstalk ZB political reporter Felix Marwick tweets @felixmarwick
"Much healthier turnout for @phil_goff at kapiti coast Greypower meeting"
#decision2011. With pic.

2:05pm: Labour have released their Maori Development policy on their website. Changes include the raising of minimum wage to increase the spending power of low income Maori. To check out the policy, see Labour's website.

2:00pm: Dunedin local celebrity "Dr Glam" has posted his version of the popular children's story "Wonky Donkey" on Youtube, titled "Wonky John Key". Good for quick laugh. Watch it here.

It's 1:52pm now and the top stories of the day are:

- Green party have called to toughen up animal welfare laws.
- The Greens have also released their transport policy.
- The Maori party are allegedly in the midst of a money-for-influence scheme instigated by their electorate manager. Full story here.

1:49pm: Radio NZ reports that National refuses to guarantee expansion of Whanau Ora. "In a debate on welfare on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon programme on Monday, National's social development spokesperson Paula Bennett says Whanua Ora is still being assessed.

"I think anyone would say $134 million is a lot of money, so we haven't got that as part of our policy. But I can't tell you what will happen in a year, 18 months' time."

1:46pm: "Business owners in New Zealand believe that the first-past-the-post voting system would have the most positive impact on the economy, according to the latest research from Grant Thornton's International Business Report." For the full press release see here.

1:39pm:Biosecurity safeguards surrounding kiwifruit in New Zealand need to be upheld, as hundreds of cases of the kiwifruit virus Psa-V are still being recorded each week, according to the Labour party. ""MAF's budget is being cut by $18 million over the next year. We cannot afford biosecurity standards to suffer as a result," said Labour biosecurity spokesperson Damien O'Connor.

1:35pm: The Green Party have called for New Zealand to toughen up on animal welfare laws. On TVNZ's Sunday programme last night, it was revelaed some some chicken farmers are still using cages that were banned in 2008.

Animal welfare spokesperson Sue Kedgley has said "A senior Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) official admitted on camera that New Zealand's animal welfare codes are effectively shams." For the full story see here.

1:19pm: Joshua Drummond has written for The Waikato Times, a piece titled the "Guide to the Election". In it he writes his guide of the major parties according to the blogs, columns and social media posts across the nation:

"New Zealand First is the only party in this country made up entirely of zombies...
"UnitedFuture is a party of one man, Peter Dunne...
"The Greens are Plant Supremacists who hate humans...
"The Mana Party is led by Hone Harawira. His followers believe him to be Hone Heke reborn.
"Led by Prophet Brash, the ACT party faithful are warrior monks who worship a strange god.
"Labour are communists, and also Nazis.
And "As the name would suggest, National is evil."

For the full article see here.

1:14pm: Peter Dunne says on Radio Live: "We are not a right-wing party," he said, "We can work with either side."

1:12pm: United Future leader Peter Dunne is on Radio Live right now. Listen live now.

1:08pm: 3news tweets regarding Paul Goldsmith and his lack of campaign for National. @3NewsEditor James Murray
"RT @ChrisKeall Reports coming in that National's Epsom candidate, Paul Goldsmith, will drink a small Diet Coke by himself at Wendys" #votenz

1:07pm: Phil Goff tweets from his campaign trail. @phil_goff
"A very different 'cup of tea' with the Womens Refuge after announcing we'll reinstate funding for safe houses."

1:05pm: Radio NZ tweets @rnz_news
"The National Party is refusing to guarantee the future of social services programme Whanau Ora if re-elected to ..."

12:50pm: David Fisher of NZ Herald writes "Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples' electorate manager Martin Cooper wrote to a local property owner that he wanted money, then spoke of contacting a Government minister." This money for influence scheme is allegedly in relation to the sale of a Black Power HQ in Auckland. For the full story, see here.

12:38pm: NZ Herald political reporter Derek Cheng tweets @dchengnzh
"Don Brash asked to choose one MP for company if he was stuck on a desert island with. He goes with Crusher Collins" #votenz

12:35pm: APNZ reporter Amelia Romanos writes "Anti-MMP campaigners received a boost to their fight today (Monday), with Prime Minister John Key reiterating his support to drop the current electoral system."

12:32pm: APNZ filing editor Gary Fox writes "Labour has pledged to increase funding of Women's Refuge by $700,000 a year, saying funding cuts by National was setting back family violence help." Full story here.

Ok, it's 12:15pm and the big stories so far are:

- The Greens have released their public transport policy.
- National Billboards have been defaced around the country.
- Labour member Carmel Sepuloni accuses Paula Bennett's campaign manager and the National Party of deliberately taking down her signs in the Waitakere electorate.

12:13pm: Judith Colins on Herald Live chat. "I think that Supplementary Member is a better system than MMP. One of the problems with MMP is that for electorate MPs, the electorates are often very large and it means that constituents don't get the face to face time with their MPs that they should expect."

12:05pm: Winston Peters has attributed the rise of his party's support to a public who do not want to be ruled by an outright majority, according to Radio NZ.

11:57am: Phil Goff tweets from the campaign trail. @phil_goff
"Back in Wgtn today for a visit with @annetterongotai before heading to Paraparaumu for a public meeting at 2pm, kindly hosted by Grey Power"

11:52am: National's law and order spokesperson, Judith Collins is chatting live now at the nzherald.co.nz.

In regards to policing under National control, she said "We've seen some great results of that including a 7 % reduction in crime around New Zealand. In addition, to continue with the 600 extra front line Police and supporting the Commissioner's decision for better access to firearms and tasers for front-line Police."

11:49am: 3news poll has shown National is still well ahead. To view projected number of seat in House predictions, in comparison to 2008 go here.

11:43am: Labour MP Trevor Mallard will be answering questions on a live chat tonight at 7pm, according to Labour's website.

11:36am: TVNZ's reporter Jessica Mutch @MutchJessica
"On flight with several senior MPs including Key and Goff, press secs and a couple of gallery journos. Mid-air debate?" #votenz

11:33am: National's Judith Collins joins the Herald at 11:45am for a live debate. See it live here.

11:30am: The Greens have released their transport policy. For the full policy go here.

11:24am: National billboards have been targetted by activists, according to The Aucklander. The statement "The rich deserve more" was added to many across the country, as was "Drill it! Mine it! Sell it!". For the article and picture see here.

11:20am: Labour party member Carmel Sepuloni has accused Paula Bennett's campaign manager and National of taking down Labour party election signs in Waitakere. She has called them "nasty buggers" and has said Labour will be making a formal complaint.

11:14am: RNZ News tweets @rnz_news
The Green Party is promising to spend $1.4 billion on fast-tracking Auckland's central business district rail loop.

In a press release from the Greens, Gareth Hughes writes "We will work with whichever party leads the next Government to secure funding for 60 percent of the crucial rail CBD link project, starting construction in the next term."

11:09am: Radio NZ reports that Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said New Zealanders have no idea what is being traded away under the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and is calling on National leader John Key to spell this out before the election.

11:01am: Russell Brown of Public Address has declared that the pre-arranged media meeting of John Banks and John Key was a "remarkably cocky thing to do." He said to "invite a horde of journalists to your staged meeting with a political ally, and then have a conversation you wouldn't want everyone to hear," shows how "bulletproof" Key thinks he is.

10:54am: Toby Manhire has written on his blog about the discussion between Annette King, Metiria Turei and Paula Bennett on the Listener 's live blog. "If someone new to New Zealand politics were asked to line up these three left to right, it would be Turei-King-Bennett. In the (admittedly unlikely) event of a teal deal, how long would Turei be able to hold her nose?" he says. See his full comments here.

10:52am: Newstalk ZB political reporter Felix Marwick tweets @felixmarwick
"Mana Leader Hone Harawira says Gov't should walk away from #TPPA free trade deal"

10:46am: 3 news reports political commentator Bryce Edwards said National could have "killed off" Act if they had supported their own candidate and the cup of tea on Friday was a "bad idea".

10:42am: 3news reports that Goff has no plan to step down as leader if Labour doesn't win the election. "When I decide to go, I think I'll go of my own volition," he said.

10:38am: Don't know who your local MP is? Check out NZ Herald's Electorate Map here.

It's 10:35am and the top stories of the day so far are:

- Herald on Sunday recording will not be released.
- Labour has ruled out working with Mana or Act but won't close the door on NZ First.
- Don Brash believes John Banks would have won Epsom without the endorsment of John Key.

10:29am: In a press release, Dr Peter Cleave of the Mana Party has said he was offended by comments made by John Banks on TV3's The Nation, a video currently circulating the internet. Banks talks about Maori and Polynesian people on the dole at home watching pornography and planning burglaries.

10:24am: Labour leader Phil Goff told Mike Hosking of Newstalk ZB that Labour will not work with Mana or Act.

10:20am: Newstalk ZB reporter Katie Bradford tweets @katieabradford
"Greens would pay for 60 percent of CBD rail loop, paid for by taking money from Transmission Gallery and Puhoi-Wfd highway" #decision2011

10:14am: Labour MP Annette King, National's Paula Bennett and Greens co-leader Metiria Turei are on Radio NZ right now discussing welfare and social policy.

10:09am: Whaleoil have posted a link to a soundbite from Phil Goff's interview with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB this morning. In regards to public transport, Goff says he uses it every day. "It's called the VIP service." For the soundbite, listen here.

9:46am: NZ Herald political writer Claire Trevett writes: "As the Prime Minister and John Banks shared their genteel cup of tea, the final scenes were being filmed in a horror movie just for them.

On to the set emerged Winston Peters, Freddy Kreuger in a double-breasted suit, with an "I'm ba-ack."

9:44am: Newstalk ZB staff reported that Labour's not ruling out cutting a post election deal with Winston Peters and New Zealand First.

9:39am: Mana Party member Sue Bradford tweets @suebr
"Good on Pomare residents for fighting back vs Nat Housing destruction - just as GI people are doing up here."

9:34am: Rob Salmond of blogger site Pundit has written about the "Poll of polls update" on the site. Throughout the election campaign, he writes, their have been eight separate polls with different information on each about the parties and their prominence.

"The biggest of those, of course, was Roy Morgan's 4.5% estimate for New Zealand First. None of the other seven recent polls had the party above 4%, and only one other estimated their support above 3%."

9:23am: David Loughry of the Otago Daily Times writes "South Dunedin put on a hero's welcome for Phil Goff yesterday, with standing ovations and regular choruses of approval for his pronouncements.The Opposition leader may have left wishing the rest of the country expressed the sentiments of the Labour stronghold, as he made a flying visit to Dunedin yesterday."

9:16am: NZ Herald reporter Martin Johnston writes National's health spokesman, Tony Ryall and his office have said "Government spending on public health, including nutrition and smoking cessation, has gone up from $352.3 million in 2007/8, to $486.5 million in this year's Budget."

9:15am: Phil Goff was interviewed on Newstalk ZB this morning. When questioned about the "teacup tapes", he said if he were Prime minister he would allow the transcript to be published.

9:06am: Chris Slane has drawn a cartoon for Listener live blogger Toby Manhire of the meeting for tea between John Key and John Banks on Friday. Check it out here.

9:02am: Act is confident it will gain a higher percentage in the election than the polls suggest, according to Newstalk ZB reporter Juliette Sivertsen.

9:00am: Radio NZ interviewed Herald on Sunday editor Bryce Johns this morning regarding the "teacup tapes" that were obtained from the discussion between John Key and John Banks during their tea meeting on Friday. Mr Johns has said the recording will not be published.

8:58am: Newstalk ZB reports Phil Goff is not worried about Labour's position in the polls.

8:56am: Juliette Sivertsen of Newstalk ZB reports Don Brash believes Act would have won Epsom with or without the endorsement from John Key.

8:54am: iPredict has launched a new contract asking if John Key will publicly endorse Peter Dunne.

8:53am: Labour MP Annette King tweets @annetterongotai
"I'm on Nine to Noon on National Radio after the 10am news this morning, for their Election Debate on Social Welfare / Development."

8:50am: On TVNZ's Breakfast, John Key told Corin Dann "You would know like I would know that if there was anything interesting in there, the paper would have published."

8:49am: NZ Herald political reporter Derek Cheng writes that Act leader Don Brash wants to rebuild New Zealand's relationship with Fiji. "Fiji has long been family ... we need to rebuild a positive relationship with that country.''

8:44am: Labour leader Phil Goff tweets @phil_goff
"Enjoyed the breakfast grilling from @hoskingonzb on ZB this morning!"

8:37am: Act launched its campaign yesterday. At the launch, "every seat had on it a tea bag and a glossy brochure featuring a friendly picture of the Prime Minister and Act's Epsom candidate, John Banks, enjoying their tea, with a quote from Mr Key about not being "unhappy'' if Epsom voters split their electorate and party votes. Full story here.

8:34am: New Zealand Herald political reporter John Armstrong writes "Act is now trying to sell itself as the "right'' partner for National. The party is trying to sell Don Brash's Reserve Bank experience as "right'' for tough economic times. See full article here.

8:30am: Newstalk ZB political reporter Katie Bradford tweets @katieabradford
"Goff says NZ First is a "potential coalition partner"." #decision2011

8:26am: NZ First leader Winston Peters has been interviewed on Radio NZ. He said "of course" he expects his party to get the 5% needed to get into government.

8:23am According to NZ Herald reporter Bernard Orsman, Labour is alone at this election in making a pitch on Auckland issues. The party has "promised to pay half the cost of the $2.4 billion inner-city rail loop by ditching the Government's $1.6 billion Puhoi-to-Wellsford motorway, and to work in "close partnership'' with Auckland."

8:15am: Green leader Dr Russel Norman tweets @RusselNorman
"Launching our plan for Auckland transport this morning. More trains, buses, ferries, safer cycling and walking. Less congestion."

7:57am: Good morning everyone. Welcome back to our live streaming of the election coverage throughout the day.

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