Police have laid charges against an internet blogger who allegedly posted clues identifying people with court-ordered name suppression, as well as a victim of a sexual offence.

Police say Auckland's Cameron Slater, who writes the blog Whaleoil, broke name suppression by posting pictorial clues identifying the individuals in two high profile sexual offence cases, one an Olympian and the other, a well-known entertainer.

He faces five charges, relating to breaching court orders suppressing the names of the accused, and also one of the victims.

Victims of sexual offences have automatic name suppression.

It is the first time a New Zealand blogger has been taken to court rather than just warned.

Police advised him to take the posts down as they could attract more charges for each day they were up.

The articles are no longer on the website.

Slater will appear in the Auckland District Court on January 5.