Three people were stabbed or cut when a domestic dispute got out of hand in the carpark of a Northland rugby club.

Police and ambulance services were called about 11.30pm on Saturday to the carpark of the Moerewa Rugby Club, in Simson Park, after a man, who was not a club member, stabbed one man and cut two others.

Moerewa Club chairman Paul Owen was 'brassed off" that the incident had detracted from an excellent finals day and after-match celebrations, but said it in no way reflected on the club or its members.

"It was just one of those things, a domestic incident that got out of hand. Nobody knew he had a knife until it was too late," Mr Owen said.


One man was stabbed above the eye and had to have stitches in hospital before being released while one man had cuts to the hand and another to the arm after they are understood to have stepped in to break up a fight.

Mr Owen said the alleged stabber, who was arrested by police, had been a member of the club previously but had not been involved "for quite a few years''.

He said the man had been into the club on Saturday but had got involved in a domestic dispute in the carpark after he left.

One man went to intervene to break the dispute up and that's when he was allegedly stabbed. Mr Owen said two other men were injured when they went to intervene too.

"It really spoilt what was a very good finals day and put a dampener on the whole day. But it was domestic incident that had nothing to do with the rugby club and it's a shame we got dragged into it," Mr Owen said.