What good fun!

The Big Wedding combines an all-star cast - Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams among others - with a fun storyline, meaning you are in for a treat.

The storyline starts simply; -Missy and Alejandro are getting married at his father Don's family home.

From there it starts to get complicated when Don's ex-wife, Ellie, arrives. Then Alejandro's brother and sister arrive.


Matters really start to get complicated when Alejandro's birth mother, Madonna, and sister, Nuria, arrive from their Colombian home.

In an effort to preserve appearances for their overseas guests, Don and Ellie pretend to still be together as the happy parents. That one lie snowballs into a series of lies and when the truth finally starts to emerge, no one is ready for what they are about to hear.

The connections between various members of the wedding party are outrageous and threaten to put a stop to the ceremony. With every character there is a dilemma to be worked through and most of them are funny.

Only when all the truths are out on the table can this group move on with their lives.

The Big Wedding moves along at a good pace with something always happening. The characters are fun and the story is a funny one.

The Big Wedding
(M) Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: 4 / 5