The country will enjoy a break from stormy spring weather this weekend, with a "big fat high" set to hit tomorrow.

Metservice meteorologist Daniel Corbett said a low moving up the country today would peter out tomorrow, clearing the way for sun and warm winds.

"Most of the country is fine, from Wellington to Hawke's Bay, even in Christchurch where they've had some rotten weather," he said.

"It's a big fat high sitting in place that will keep all those active spring fronts that we've been seeing well at bay."


Otago was set to see some sunshine too, with some of the highest temperatures in the country and "lovely" weather in Dunedin, Mr Corbett said.

Auckland would wake up tomorrow to the tail end of a low front that passed over the South Island today and would hit the North Island tonight.

"There might be a bit of cloud tomorrow morning, maybe a spot or two of drizzle."

The front would weaken throughout the day and give way to some much-needed sun and temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees.

Sunday in Auckland would be largely fine, but don't expect "bright blue sky" the whole weekend, Mr Corbett said.

Bay of Plenty and the Far North would miss the majority of the low, enjoying "decent-looking" weather set to improve further on Sunday.

A westerly breeze would move over many parts of the South Island on Sunday, strengthening as it hit Wellington.

WeatherWatch head analyst Philip Duncan said the warm westerly could mean temperatures in the mid 20s for some eastern part of both the North and South Islands.

"This is the first high pressure system in a few weeks to roll across both islands and bring really settled weather to most of our main centres. It won't be a major wet weekend for anyone."


In the main centres:

* Auckland will have some early drizzle tomorrow, clearing to a high of 19 degrees. Sunday will be mostly sunny with a high of 20 degrees.

* Wellington is looking at a high of 16 degrees both days, with a low front clearing Saturday morning to sun and westerly breezes for the rest of the weekend.

* Christchurch can expect fine weather and a high of 18 degrees tomorrow, improving to 20 degrees on Sunday.

* Dunedin is in for some great weather this weekend, with sun and temperatures around 20-21 degrees both days.