TimeOut has gathered together a selection of domestic touring stars and some intriguing imports to help whip up a bit of enthusiasm for this season of high decibels in high temperatures. Here is Gin Wigmore with her summer picks and tour plans...

Your preferred mode of travel for the summer tour?

Bus. It brings us all closer to achieve a whole new level of inane yet highly entertaining conversations.

Who does the driving - and what does it say about the internal politics of the band?
We have a driver. And all that says is none of us want to remain sober enough to drive.

What's on the car stereo?
My guitarist Brett Adams usually takes the lead on that, so anything from Abba to the Spice Girls.


Your favourite summer venue?
Coroglen Tavern 100%.

Where else are you looking forward to visiting which isn't a venue?
Hahei. I spent most of my summers growing up in Hahei at our family bach. There was a really awesome beach rope swing and some sweet caves for snorkelling. So I'm looking forward to staying a night there on the way through.

Any sage advice about surviving the silly season?
Don't try to hide from it - embrace it and all the festivity that comes with it.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Playing at Mt Maunganui, then no doubt drink a mixture of alcoholic beverages and see what happens after that.

Do certain styles of music make more sense during the hot and sweaty months of summer?
80s cock-rock makes perfect sense during summer. And strangely enough Queen makes many appearances too.

Is it tough having to work when everyone else is partying and on holiday?
No, it's awesome. Everyone is in an excellent mood and we get our fair share of partying in too, so no need to worry.

On tour: With Jimmy Barnes, Mangawhai Tavern, Dec 27; Coroglen Tavern, Dec 28; Matakana Country Park, Matakana, Dec 30; Brewers in the Park, Mt Manganui, Dec 31; The Station Village, Lower Hutt, Jan 2.

- TimeOut