This four-track EP by multi-instrumentalist Nick Gaffaney and former Weta frontman Aaron Tokona invokes the sound of instruments that are about to fall apart - but you can be sure they never will.

It's brilliantly unhinged, hallucinatory, and riff-fired music. Opener The Violence of Action - with its mantra "No one gives a damn" - has the most monumental, chest-beating riff to come out of Kiwi rock in years; hammering single The Origin of Slaves recalls Weta's Calling On and while The Opiate of the Living offers a chance for a breather it's still a heavy, agitating beast.

These songs will leave you feeling like a rock 'n' roll animal, also a little bemused about how two people can conjure up such a powerful and relentless racket - and you may even feel inspired to start wearing a psychedelic rock & roll headband a la Tokona.

Stars: 5/5


- TimeOut