A Scottish Highlands beauty spot used as a backdrop for the James Bond blockbuster Skyfall and two Harry Potter films is being destroyed by fly-tippers and litter louts.

A Facebook group called "Glen Etive -- The Dirty Truth" has been set up by locals who claim that visitors to the glen adopt a "festival mentality" and leave bags full of rubbish, tents, camping equipment, drink cans and drugs paraphernalia behind.

Mark Shone, 29, who set up the group with his wife, Phillipa, said the Glen Etive community had spent years trying to convince people that their antisocial behaviour was unacceptable, but to no avail. He said "whole campsites" were often left behind, including tents full of dirty nappies.

The northern half of the 22km valley is tidied regularly by the National Trust for Scotland.


The trust said it shared concerns about the mess left behind by campers but could see no straightforward solution.