Karma is coming for a Californian man who is quickly becoming known worldwide for taking women on first dates, ordering a ridiculous amount of food and then leaving them to pick up the bill.

While yes, it is the 21st century and men shouldn't be expected to always foot the bill for a date, this man is taking things to a whole new, and deplorable, level.

More and more women are coming out of the woodwork to name and shame the man, who has previously gone by Paul and Dave Gonzales.

Two women told their humiliating stories to CBS News last year, both of which were originally thrilled with Gonzales.


"He was very complimentary, very chatty, seemed to have similar interests," the woman said, who did not want to be identified.

She thought things were a little fishy when Gonzales ordered over $100 worth of food just for himself.

"This guy is obnoxious," she thought. "First of all, who orders two entrees? But he excused it by saying he was a bodybuilder."

After eating, Gonzales told his date he had to go to the bathroom and he'd be "right back".

He never came back.

The second woman was also left to the foot the bill after Gonzales had polished off an appetiser and a steak.

A few days ago, another woman fell prey to Gonzales' tactics.

Speaking to CBS News, a woman was again duped by his charms and originally thought they were just going on a typical blind date.

"He said 'Are you available at all this weekend for dinner?' I said 'Yes, how about Sunday?'" recounted the woman, who did not want to be identified.

And, when they went for dinner Gonzales didn't skimp on his order - before ghosting the woman, of course.

"A glass of pinot, a Caesar salad with a side of shrimp, a steak and a baked potato," she remembered.

It wasn't until the waiter approached the woman and said "He's not out there. Is this a first date?"

She replied: "Yes, this is a first blind date," before the waiter told her he'd gone.

And it isn't just dates that Gonzales is "saving money" on.

He's also been caught on camera leaving two separate Burbank salons after they cut his hair - one of them he even did the dash while still wearing the hairdresser's smock.

While Gonzales' dating pool is shrinking by the day, it isn't the least of his worries.
According to the L.A. Country District Attorney's Office, he also has two bench warrants out for his arrest.