Anyone who's ever been tasked with writing lines will tell you it quickly gets boring. Very boring.

However, one student who was served up such a punishment found an ingenious way to make the "sentence" a little less arduous.

Posted on social media site Imgur, the anonymous pupil was clearly hoping to pull the wool over the eyes of his teacher with his clever time-saving technique.

The lines begin neatly enough; with the sentence "I will make better choices" written by the teacher at the top and then copied five times by the youngster in question.


Then the real skill begins; the student works out that if he takes any letter that has a straight back on it eg an I, l, k, b, t and h, then one line written vertically from the top of the page to the bottom will take care of all those letters, bar a few minor tweaks.

The mischievous student then tried to take the maverick approach to letters 'r' and 'm', which is pushing the boundaries but somehow works when laid out on the page.

The image of the page has since been shared nearly 500,000 times in just three days.

It's not known what the student's teacher made of the time-saving technique but it's doubtful that the student was rewarded for his ingenuity.