Burger King has taken a witty dig at one of its fast food restaurant rivals by dressing up as McDonald's for Halloween - and the internet is lovin' it.

Going beyond the usual cobwebs and fake spiders, the Burger King restaurant in Queens, New York, has pulled a whopper of a prank on McDonald's by transforming it's store into the "Ghost of McDonald's."

The store was covered in massive white sheets with cut outs for eyes and a roughly spray-painted "McDonald's", while a sign below the ghoulish display reads: "Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween".

Making sure the prank was noticed, Burger King posted a reaction video to YouTube and shared their cheeky work on Twitter.


Burger fans and passers-by were suitably impressed by the McDonald's diss.

"I would say this is the best Halloween costume of the year," one man said.

Twitter followers responded with both appreciation and trepidation over the trick, with one person tweeting that it was "the most pettiest [sic] thing I've ever seen."