We're all familiar with the omniscient 'Don't touch my food' note.

They're usually written on post-it notes for housemates in sharehouses or stuck to the fridge in office kitchens. "Do not touch!" "My food is not yours to share!" "Hands off my almond milk, Satan!" etc.

But this note, posted by Reddit user @Another1won, takes it to a whole new level:

"I have 7 shrimps and 4562 Rice,"


Apparently, this person actually counted the number of rice grains they had in their container.

People in the thread came up with a bunch of innovative suggestions, should the user still choose to eat the passive-aggressive author's meal.

"You can eat half of it. Then cut the remaining rices in half," suggested one.

"Eat all of it except for one grain, then split that one grain into 4,562 rice!" said another.

Still, others were just trying to work out whether the number of rice grains was "4562" or "4362".

Internet, you have too much time on your hands.