There's the fake tan, short digits and the unnaturally pink lips, but Donald Trump's signature feature is without a doubt his hair.

How the Republican candidate came to sport such a boufant 'do has long been pondered. One recent suggestion is that his cresting wave is the result of a bizarre treatment for hair loss that lived and died in the 90s.

The similarities are striking. Photos / Twitter, Getty
The similarities are striking. Photos / Twitter, Getty

But what's lesser known is why Trump would opt for his particular shade of buttery caramel and signature "swoosh". That is until a photo of his late mother Mary Trump began circulating on Twitter.

One Twitter user shared the image with the caption: "I've only just realised Donald Trump is in a Nutty Professor-style family where he plays all of the characters."


The image, originally broadcast in 1997, is said to have resurfaced following the recent screening of Who is Donald Trump, a new documentary from Australian network Foxtel.