Kim Kardashian West uses gorilla snot in her hair.

Long-time Kardashian hair stylist Jen Atkin has revealed the wonder "weapon" behind the 35-year-old's super sleek S-wave hair is the Mexican-made Moco de Gorilla, Gorilla Snot Gel.

The beauty expert - who has also tamed the manes of Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry and Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba - posted a hair styling tutorial video, including her recommendation of the unusual product, to her Instagram account.

She captioned the post: " Don't miss our "perfect blowout in a hurry" tutorial on @kimkardashian 's app! I show you how to use my secret weapon !! link in my bio (sic)"


According to the brand's website the beauty bargain, which is only $3, it is essential for sleeking flyaway hairs with "Gorilla Strength" and holding "anti-gravitational" updos.

Meanwhile, Jen - who is fast becoming an Instagram sensation - doesn't rely on snot to keep Khloe Kardashian's locks looking perfect.

One of my fave looks!

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That's because, Khloe has an extensive collection of hair extensions which she uses to constantly change her hair length and style.

Writing on her website, Khloe shared: "I love to play with lengths, so I have lots of variety in my extensions. I also colour code the extensions by putting a drop of nail polish or using a marker on the clips and that corresponds with a colour code I've marked on my Polaroid. I clip my extensions into a pant hanger and blow them out that way."

- Bang! Showbiz