Men are no longer able to carry out traditional DIY - with most now opting to call in tradesmen, research shows.

Most men cannot change a tyre, while only half can wire a plug and just one in five are able to fix a dripping tap.

Three in five men would need to call in a plumber to unblock a toilet, while only a third feel confident about putting together flat-pack furniture.

The survey for men's clothing retailer Jacamo in the UK even found that less than half of men would be able to trap a spider in their house and set it free outside.


However, they were far more confident of their abilities when it came to food and drink - with nine in ten claiming they were good barbecue cooks.

The survey also found that most men could not change the oil in their car.

Jenni Bamford, from Jacamo, said: "It's interesting to see how skills from previous generations had fallen by the wayside."

- Daily Mail