A Cardiff based fried chicken van is causing a stir with a logo which looks a bit like something other than a cock.

Some people have taken offence at the logo which has a distinctively phallic look.

"I was queuing up with my two young sons when I looked at the logo and realised what it represents," a customer named Abigail Griffiths told Wales Online. "It is not the sort of thing that should be on display around children."

Another customer said the food was "finger-licking good, but when I saw the logo I was a bit shocked."


The owners are claiming it's a balls-up. When asked if it was intentional they said they "never really thought about it like that."

"Our designer created a D and B for 'dirty bird,' then pushed them together to make a cockerel".

A promotional poster for Dirty Bird ran with the words "Touch my breast."