This week's column is inspired by two clients who are both recovering nicely from their adrenal fatigue as we work together. As their energy (and consequently their lives) are coming back into focus it has brought up a fascinating distinction that I wanted to share with you that applies to us all, every single day. It's all about being tired. I believe there are two types of tiredness we can experience:

Inspired tired is the warm achy tired you feel after making time for yourself to have a run or a swim. It's falling asleep on the sofa after a hard game of tennis or playing with the kids. That glowy tiredness you feel after a day on the water. That satisfied weariness you get after giving a presentation or completing a project dear to your heart.

It is how you feel after staying up way late talking with great friends. It is the deep relaxation you feel at the end of your yoga class. It is taking on a new project that you are so excited about you literally can't sleep. It is walking in a new city in a new continent taking in the new sights, sounds and smells after an 18-hour flight.

It is relishing a quiet moment with your newborn sleeping soundly. It is an achy brain from the challenge of learning something new.


Inspired tired is good, it moves us towards our destiny and brings us joy. It is what keeps our body healthy while nourishing our body and soul. It is how we make a difference in this world.

Wired tired is the eye-watering tiredness you feel as you feel the dread grow in your stomach as you drive in to a job you hate. It is the tiredness you feel when you need a triple shot latte just to get you through that next meeting. It is making that effort to network and socialise with people you feel you "have" to impress. It is forcing yourself to a spin class you don't really enjoy to punish your body for how much it weighs.

It is checking your work email compulsively out of hours. It is staying late at work for the fourth time this week, because "the business" needs come before your own. It is being exhausted but unable to sleep because your brain is so busy worrying about stuff. It is reaching for the wine as a pick-me-up, not as a pleasure to be savoured. It is saying "yes" when you mean "hell no!".

Wired Tired is trying to do it all, and it shows you are out of balance. It is bad for your body and your soul and moves you away from your destiny. Wired Tired says it's time to reassess where you choose to spend your time and energy.

You can choose. Your life, your body, your energy, your time. Being tired is actually one of life's great privileges. It's great to be tired. Being tired lets you know you are alive. But only you can choose if you are defeated with wired tired or fill your life to the brim with inspired tired.

Action Step

Next time you hear yourself saying "I'm so tired!" check in and ask yourself if you are inspired tired, or wired tired. If it's usually of the wired variety it's time to look at some of the choices you are making.

Louise is a life coach, author and corporate escapee. Visit for more.