Put the bone in a big pot with an onion, a few cloves, a bay leaf, sprigs of thyme and tarragon, parsley stalks and black peppercorns. Cover with cold water and simmer. As the stock reduces add some leftover white wine.

2 Strain out the ingredients and allow to settle overnight.

3 The next day skim off any fat that has settled on the top of the pot. You want the stock to be as clear as possible so rewarm it and strain it through some paper towels or muslin. You may need to do this a couple of times. Measure out your stock.


4 We need to turn this into a jelly, so using some powdered gelatine work out how much you will need to set the stock to firm. Quantities required will be on the packet. Follow these instructions.

5 Season the stock well with salt and pepper.

6 Chop lots of parsley.

7 Mix together the ham cubes and chopped parsley.

8 Wrap a loaf tin or similar container in cling film. Depending on how much ham and stock you have, you may need several containers.

9 Pack the ham and parsley into the dishes and pour over the jellied stock. Refrigerate until well set.

10 Turn out and serve slices with a salad, bread and some mustard or pickles.