The party's over, now it's the morning after. We ask some social butterflies how they cope with over-indulgence and late nights during the social season.

Boh Runga, musician and jewellery designer

If I've had a few too many the night before, hopefully I've remembered to drink water before bed, but in the morning I recommend C Coconut Water to get those electrolytes back. I wake myself up through the day with spritzes of Jojoba Company Antioxidant Hydrating Mist and, if I can, I'll have char kway teow - a Malaysian spicy noodle dish - for my comfort food breakfast/lunch.

Colin Mathura-Jeffree, TV presenter
I love how I'm accused of going to every party in town like it's a criminal offence. It's a fun aspect of our business and it's hard work enjoying bottomless champagne flutes and hilarious conversation while trying to dodge the Metro photographer ... I survive this minefield of charming/malicious gossip and the odd bottom-pinch by arriving early and knowing when I want to leave. I try to be as strict as possible because I don't want to wake up somewhere ... else. Before I sleep I will have a long, hot shower. Beside my bed I will have two Panadols and bottled water with electrolytes, which of course means absolutely no hangover.

Danny Pato, director D&M salon
Whenever I have over-indulged the night before, I always seem to end up whinging and bitching the next day. This rarely helps. My secret regime for coping with the morning after is sporadic napping, bad horror movies, even worse takeout (delivered) and a bubble bath. And whinging and bitching. If this fails to improve the situation, a strong Bloody Mary - for the vitamin C, of course.


Bianca Talaic, director at Bare PR
I try to curb my hunger before events so that my eyes don't become bigger than my stomach - I always have brown toast with lashings of Go Nuts Organic Peanut Butter and a Lifestream Spirulina Blue Smoothie. It fills me up, gives me a sustained boost of energy and helps fight the free radicals that, no doubt, I will consume during the event. I always stick to one type of drink, which is normally red wine and, to make sure I drink water, I always add a handful of ice cubes - I'm of Croatian descent and my family has chilled water with red wine for lunch - I always get strange looks and people are mortified that I'm adding ice to a beautiful red wine, but it works for me - no headaches the next day.

No matter how late I get home I always have a shower with Weleda's Lavender Creamy Body Wash to help me unwind and relax; I wash my face and slather Trilogy's Eye Contour Cream around my eyes and lips so I don't wake up with tired eyes.

Before slipping into bed I try to have a hot drink loaded with fresh mint and honey or a glass of milk with ice; my skin and head thank me in the morning.

Angelique Fris-Taylor, director at Publicity PR
Never go out on a empty stomach. Most parties and events have canapes, but I always make sure I line my stomach with a piece of toast or muesli bar before stepping out. This also lessens the chance of alcohol going straight to your head, well ... usually. Leave the party earlier then usual. And have a big glass of water before going to bed. It doesn't happen very much but on the odd over-indulgence, I follow the Berocca remedy: take a Berocca, an hour later another one and the hour after that, one more. The first is a struggle to keep down, the last I'm back to normal. If all else fails, go back to sleep, after a mince and cheese pie and a glass of milk.

Rai Banbury, brand manager at Moet & Chandon
Sparkling water - my favourite is Antipodes. Before you head out make sure you drink sparkling water. It's a good way to hydrate and also slow your drinking down. Antipodes is also a lifesaver the day after - whether you over-indulged the night before or simply had a late night; a bottle of sparkling water at your desk the next day will help clear your head and get you back on track.

There are so many amazing parties and events during the festive season it's hard to keep up with work and a social life. To help me survive and save time, I get my makeup done at Bobbi Brown for most events. Not only do you feel glamorous and look your best, but you take the stress away from getting ready, and you can multi-task and keep working while someone does your makeup.

Judith Tabron, owner of Soul Bar and Bistro
The best way to cope with overindulgence is more practice. Harden up. You only live once.